Provide a variety of visuals and attract attention in equal measure with these event signage ideas.

Whether it is to welcome your attendees, for marketing and sponsorship purposes or brand recognition at a trade show or exhibition, event signage gives your event a clean and organised feel, letting the attendees know they are in good hands. Venues and spaces can hinder and be picky about traditional signage and where exactly it goes and adheres, so having several innovative ideas up your sleeve gives you options. With this in mind, here are some creative signage ideas to keep in your arsenal!

19 Creative Event Signage Ideas

  1. Floating Signage

If you have this option available, make use of pools, fountains and water features by providing floating signage. You can opt for something obvious like a brand or event name or something like this with a theme or event ethos. You could include adaptive signs that have solar powered lights to make transitioning from day to night special and noticeable.

Credit: Lindsay Landman, The Mulia Bali


  1. Interchangeable Registration Booths

Making use of event registration areas ensures that signage is well seen, right from the official welcome zone. This is good for marketing and sponsorship opportunities and is often an area where people will hang around, or (dare we say it?) potentially queue. Branded registration booths provide a good opportunity for interchangeable signage. For multi-day events you could even change the designs for the different days to make the welcome extra special.

Credit: Florida Event Décor

  1. Vehicles

Vehicle signage can help with marketing and promotion prior to an event and also reassure people they are in the right place for the live event as well. Using quirky vehicles such as buses, carts or modified and luxury cars can create a buzz while also providing options that can be sponsored.

Credit: SBC

  1. Marquee Signs

These are photo opportunity favorites that come in a variety of sizes, including giant human sized signs. They are commonly lit so are suitable for events that will be transitioning between day and night, or in low lighting conditions, and can be placed anywhere to blend in with the décor, even at the beach like in this example!

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