African Leadership University is set to conduct an interactive session that will address people’s questions on the benefits of applying for admission at the university. The session is meant to educate parents, secondary school students, prospective undergraduates and every member of the society that would like to know more about the offers of the university.

The interactive session is tagged an Open Day where people can  ask questions about the University, her credibility, and the benefits attached.

It is slated to hold between 10am-2pm on 18th March, 2017 at NuStreams Conference and Culture Centre, KM 110, Off Alalubosa GRA, Dugbe-Apata Road, Ibadan.

Join the train of people seeking opportunity for quality education and know why African Leadership University is the best option for any prospective university student who is aspiring to get quality education and necessary exposure to the 21st century skills.

Visit the link to watch the African Leadership University video. 

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