Conference & Events

To contribute our quota to cultural and artistic creations, Our Event Halls have been designed in flexible ways to meet your unique (event) needs!

Accommodating a wide variety of events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, trade shows, exhibitions, theater productions, stand-up comedy, screenings, exams, meetings, auditions, rehearsals, training, parties, etc. either on large or small scales.

We go the extra mile to make your experience here Remarkable.

Service Above and Beyond!

The Great Hall 

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Largest Hall – Up to 1400 seat capacity

This is the largest multipurpose Hall with modern tech facilities, seated at “the Heart” of the conference and culture center. It comfortably seats 1400 people “theater style” and 900 people “dinner style”. It has an exciting ambience and flexible enough to hold a variety of events such as ceremonies, cultural and art performances, conferences, theater productions and so on.







The Garden Hall


Medium-Sized Hall – Up to 300 seats capacity

You’d love this! It’s been designed fit for a variety of events, from cocktail parties to theater productions to movie premiere, The Garden Hall will do just fine for crazy creatives and professional enthusiasts looking forward for a flexible venue to hold their events and express their uniqueness.

Stay true to your nature!




The Upper Room


Meeting/Function Room – Up to 40 seats Capacity

Want to have a meeting? (Board meetings, strategic meetings, prep meetings, rehearsals, photo shoots, etc.) or a mini-house party. Come up Higher!

The Upper room accommodates 6- 16 people “dinner style” and up to 40 people “theater style”.