Running a business can be hectic, from producing good services/product to taking care of expenses and paying staffs. With an expand in customer pool,  spending less  using some tools is another way to make more money and still deliver a good service.

According to benchmark cost solutions:

Regardless of how profitable your business is there’s always that little bit of flab that can be trimmed to reveal a more-efficient, brighter and quicker version of your company. Axing unnecessary expenses and ensuring costs are kept under check is more effective when done proactively and consistently and when you are less stressed. Modern day technology offers us numerous options to streamline business operations, increase efficiency, manage (and lower) costs and boost performance. There are many different ways it can be harnessed to. How many of the following are you using?

  • Rise to the Cloud

Whether you are a professional with a small business setup or a larger Ecommerce business with a multi-transactional, multi-lingual website, you require servers that will host your website. In addition you need a secure place to store all your business data. With cloud technology within easy access, all of this is no longer challenging or expensive. You can now easily host your website on a shared server hosted by any third-party vendor like HostGator and then pay as per your usage. Your data can very safely reside on any cloud-based storage platform like Google Drive, DropboxZoolz. The other alternatives are all-in-one cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

  • Go green

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is the mantra that we should try to follow in the workplace. You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by investing in eco-friendly technologies such as LED lights. These are 80% more energy-efficient than traditional lighting; while the upfront costs of this technology are higher than the latter; you experience significant savings in the long term.


Getting so much done within a short time and reducing costs using manpower is almost impossible but Technology has made it much way easier with the right tools. Meanwhile,  Xstragroup team explains other tools:

  • Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools and technology make it possible to automate many marketing tasks that used to require individual, hands-on action. This is especially crucial in the age of social media when companies have the opportunity to promote their message through multiple channels. For example, instead of notifying customers of a new blog post by creating and sending out a separate email, let your marketing automation software handle the task for you. It can send out the email, post to your Facebook and Twitter account, and more, all at the same time (or at intervals if you’d prefer). It will also tell you how many people opened the notification and ultimately clicked on the link to view the post. There are a lot of them like Marketo and Eloqua.

  • Inventory Management

Tracking and managing inventory has been a worthwhile use of technology from the day the first POS (point of sale) terminal went online. Today, inventory management software not only tracks sales, but it also helps predict how much you need to re-order when. It can also be used to help pinpoint the best sales price of your goods. With the use of bar code scanners and RFID chips, the movement of goods can be tracked as closely as desired. Willingness to embrace new technologies is an important characteristic of successful businesses of all sizes. . Isn’t it time you put more of this technological wizardry to work for you? You can use Zoho Inventory, Xero and DEAR Inventory.

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